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Many Will Rejoice at His Birth

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Date: December 1, 2019

Speaker: Erik Raymond

Series: Prepare Him Room

Category: Biblical Exposition

Scripture: Luke 1:5–1:25

Outline: Three dramatic scenes unfolding God’s plan

I.  SCENE 1: A godly couple with a big burden (5–7)
A.     Their context: in the days of Herod
B.     Their names: Zechariah & Elizabeth
C.     Their lineage: priestly descent
D.     Their character: blameless & godly
E.     Their burden: childless & advanced in years

II.  An angel visits a priest in the temple (8–23)
A.     The angel appears to the priest
B.     The angel announces great news
C.     The angel answers Zechariah’s request for a sign with a sign

III.  God acts for his glory and his people’s joy (1:24–25)
A.     As promised, Elizabeth conceives in her old age
B.     Following the pattern of other barren women in the Bible, Elizabeth rejoices in God’s kindness to her (Gen. 21:6–7; 1 Sam. 2:1–11; esp. Gen. 30:23)