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You Need a Priest

Back to all sermons Leviticus: You Must be Holy

Date: September 27, 2020

Speaker: Erik Raymond

Series: Leviticus: You Must be Holy

Category: Biblical

Scripture: Leviticus 8–9

Big Idea: You need a priest if you want to draw near to God.

Outline: Three Questions to Consider the Priesthood

1. Why do we need a priest?
        A. We are sinful
        B. God is holy

2. What a priest must do?
        A. Obey God’s Word
        B. Be holy
        C. Represent the people
        D. Offer acceptable sacrifices

3. How is Jesus is the perfect priest?
        A. His obedience
        B. His holiness
        C. His sacrifice
        D. His immortality
        E. His intercession