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God's Servant for Your Good

Back to all sermons Romans: The Gospel of God

Date: August 29, 2021

Speaker: Erik Raymond

Series: Romans: The Gospel of God

Category: Biblical

Scripture: Romans 13:1–13:7

Outline: Why should you submit to the governing authorities? 
  1. Because God commands it in his Holy Word (1a)

  2. Because their authority comes from God (1b)

  3. Because failure to do so opposes God and provokes his wrath  (2, 5)

  4. Because God has established them for our good (3–4)

  5. Because we want to have a clear conscience (5b–7)

Further Considerations:

  1. There are differences between the public and private spheres (Rom. 12:17–21, 13:3–4).

  2. There are limits to the government’s authority and our requirements for submission (Matt. 22:21; Dan. 3:4–6, 16–18; Acts 4:19–20, 5:29).

  3. We are not required to approve of the government’s policies and actions in order to submit to them (Luke 20:20–26; Rom. 13:7).

  4. We are to pray for those in authority (1 Tim. 2:1–4).

  5. This world is not our home (Phil 3:19–21).