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Christian Liberty Presupposes Love

Back to all sermons Romans: The Gospel of God

Date: September 19, 2021

Speaker: Erik Raymond

Series: Romans: The Gospel of God

Category: Biblical

Scripture: Romans 14:1–15:13

Argument: Because it’s rooted in the gospel, Christian love considers the interests of others as more important than our own.

Outline: 3 Enduring Priorities when Exercising Christian Liberty

(1) Welcome one another (14:1–12)

a.     Because God has welcomed us (1-3)

b.     Because Christ died & rose to be our Lord (4–9)

c.     Because we’re part of the same family (10a)

d.     Because we’re each accountable to God (10b–12)


(2) Love one another (14:13–23)

a.     By not hindering one another (13–19)

b.     By setting aside your privileges (20–23)


(3) Reflect Christ together (15:1–13)

a.     By bearing with and pleasing one another (1–4)

b.     By pursuing a unity that glorifies God (5–7)

c.     By living under the hope of the kingdom (8–13)