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That the Gentiles Might Glorify God

Back to all sermons Romans: The Gospel of God

Date: September 26, 2021

Speaker: Erik Raymond

Series: Romans: The Gospel of God

Category: Biblical

Scripture: Romans 15:8–16:27

Argument: God’s people must be burdened for God’s mission.
Outline: 9 marks of a church on mission

  1. They believe God is on mission (15:8–12)
  2. They humbly serve others (15:13–19)
  3. They work to reach the unreached (15:20–21)
  4. They partner with other churches (15:22–29)
  5. They pray for the mission (15:30–33)
  6. They mobilize ordinary people (16:1–16)
  7. They guard the gospel (16:17–19)
  8. They have confidence in the victory (16:20)
  9. They are compelled by the glory of God (16:21–27)